Marvin’s Flagpole Tree

August 21, 2020

We love a great flagpole tree.

Running string lights from the ground to the top of a flagpole becomes the centerpiece of an outdoor Christmas lights display.

Thanks, Marvin, for sending us this photo of your fantastic project!

Get the Look!

This tree was made with strings of warm white M5 LED Christmas lights.

Roughly estimate how many strings of lights you’ll need using the height of the flagpole, how closely you’d like to space the light strings, and how far you’d plan to run them from the base of the pole.

Using LED strings makes it easy to run the lights up and down in a single series run. Wrap the male/female connections with green electrical tape to make the connections more water resistant and keep the plugs connected as the lights are installed.

We’ve found that plastic tent stakes work great stabilizing and securing the light strings.

Planning a flagpole tree? Please send us your photos! We’d love to see them.

Shellie Gardner
Aside from throwing dinner parties that feature at least two kinds of cheese dip, Shellie's passions include travel, Mid-Century Modern furnishings and finding the perfect street taco. Has been known to snort laugh champagne.

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