Matt’s Christmas Art Car

November 22, 2013

car covered in LED Christmas lights

I’ve known Matt for several years now. When we first met he purchased traditional mini lights. He mentioned that he was putting them on his Blazer.

I thought, oh, a couple of strands of lights on a wreath on your grill.

Nope. Since that first call, Matt switched to LED in 2009 and has added 1000’s of LED bulbs to his project. A fabulous celebration of Christmas, color, and fun.

We posted a photo of his car on our website a couple of years ago and we’ve had questions.  Lots of questions.

It’s time they were answered.  Here is an interview with Matt about his Christmas Blazer.

October 2013

Shellie:  I think you mentioned that you were in Afghanistan?  (Did I remember this correctly?)  Were you serving with the military?  What did you do with your car while you were overseas?

Matt: I was in Iraq in 2008 and 2011, serving in the US Army. For both tours the cars were stored at home.

(Matt, has a Blazer and a truck that he decorates.  By the way, thank you for your service, Matt.)

What made you start decorating your car?  Fun?  Technical challenge?  Love Christmas?

Missed being able to decorate for Christmas while I was doing College. After I tried 2 sets for fun, I got hooked and kept making it bigger every year.

(Matt stripped out the inside of the Blazer in this photo and completely re-wired it like a house.  He even included outlets so passengers can charge their laptops!)

How many lights do you have installed?  (I guess I could count your orders but you have additions with the yard sculpture LOL)

Depending on whether I use the Truck or Blazer and the holiday, I range between 1200 – 4700 lights on the vehicle.

Are they all LED?  Did it all get easier when you went from incandescent to LED?

Again it depends on the holiday and vehicle, but I’d say I’m at least 95% LED on everything. Maybe 80% on the house.

How are they attached to the outside of the car?

Suction cups.

A suction cup on every light?

Yes.  And where suction cups don’t work, a bead of hot glue

How do you power them?  Do you have an inverter?

A 2000W Inverter

Have you upgraded the alternator?   Do you have an extra battery?  Or two, or three?

No, I use 2 6V deep cycle RV house batteries with a built in external charging system.

How did you connect in the wreath onto the front of the grill and run the power cord?

I use long zip ties and there is an outlet built in under the hood.

How do you keep the deer from flying off?

The Deer and the trees are anchored by zip ties and safety chains.

How many parades do you participate in?

So far just one. The Christmas parade in Marysville, WA.

Thanks, Matt for a wonderful interview.  Merry Christmas.  We look forward to this year’s photos.

If you would like to try this at home, may we suggest…..

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