Medium Base Bulbs are Great for Restaurants and Home Patios!

July 7, 2011

As my family and I vacation here in St Augustine, Florida – I see lights everywhere even thought we’re no where near Christmas and it makes me glad that there are solutions for lighting restaurants and patios that are easy and cost effective.

Restaurant Lighting

Over at Christmas Light Source, we just rolled out a new product line that normally we save only for our corporate clients but decided that there might be a residential user or two might want the same impact for their parties, and backyard weddings that restaurants use to highlight their dining patios and wine and beer gardens.

Medium Base Bulb

These lights have a base that is slightly larger than a standard bulb and the cord you can purchase for these is a hefty 14 AWG wire. These bulbs are not compatible with traditional C7 (candelabra) or C9 (intermediate) cords.

These lights look great hanging around the perimeter of a backyard deck, along a fenceline or criss-crossed between buildings – like your home and a detached garage.

Barns that are used for parties would also look great with these lights strung back and forth and they would definitely be bright enough to light up the night for a good country and western band and some great barbeque – isn’t that why you have a barn? 🙂

Like all lighting products these sets are susceptible to UV degradation and wind damage – the bulbs are glass. So be sure to order extra bulbs and pan to replace the wire based on your environment every so often.

Best regards as always,
Shellie Gardner
Christmas Light Source
Medium Base Bulbs

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