Mini Lights – 10 tips for getting the most out of them!

November 12, 2009

Clear mini lights on a Christmas Wreath

Mini lights have so many uses beyond the Christmas tree. Holidays are the time everyone decorates with lights, but why not break out of tradition a little and use mini lights throughout the year?

Easy Top 10 Ways to Use Mini Lights

  1. Decorate Christmas Trees – yes, we know this is a favorite and there’s good reason for that. Mini lights are ideal for mixing and matching the colors on your Christmas tree. New themes to consider: purple mini lights with silver ornaments, blue mini lights with blue/white ornaments, or any other color scheme that appeals to you this year.
  2. Wreaths – decorate wreaths not only for Christmas, but also for year round decorating appeal. Use red or pink mini lights for Valentine’s Day, green mini lights for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Our clear mini lights or frost mini lights are perfect for year round decorating in the home or business.
  3. Outdoors – take the mini lights outside! String lights around your patio, deck, and patio umbrella during the summer months for family get-togethers. By all means, decorate with lights during the holidays, but then leave some up following the holiday celebrations. Mini frost lights or any other color that cheers you will look great on your porch, trees, bushes, or outlining your gazebo in the back yard.
  4. Birthday Celebrations – what better way to bring sparkle and fun to a birthday party? For younger children, opt for mini lights that compliment their favorite character – blue or red for super-heroes, pink for princesses, etc. Spruce up the party with pink, purple, or teal mini lights for your teenage daughter’s party.
  5. Holiday Displays – light up the night in every color by decorating your holiday displays with mini lights. Reindeer come to life outlined with white mini lights. Santa will be jolly outfitted in his traditional red and white colors. The sleigh will simply sparkle with white mini lights. The Nativity crèche outlined with gold or yellow mini lights will have a “heavenly” appearance. The oversized wreath on the side of the garage will be stunning at night when outfitted with mini lights.
  6. Gardens/Walkways/Water Features – gardens are a magical place in the evening hours when subtly lit with mini lights. Create the magic by adorning your trellises, arbors, and topiaries with mini lights. Outline walkways or paths through the garden. Water features are especially beautiful when the lights reflect off the water.
  7. Halloween – bring together all the creepy, eerie effects of this October holiday with our green, purple, orange, and red mini lights.
  8. Dances – transform the inside of your gymnasium, ballroom, or barn with strings and strings of mini lights along the ceiling, outlining doorways, and more.
  9. Home – mini lights on the fireplace, in the bathroom, a bedroom, artificial trees, above kitchen cabinets, in dining room hutches, bookshelves, or as garland strung above a large window.
  10. Weddings – mini lights everywhere! White mini lights along the ceiling, wrapped around tulle, and anywhere that you want sparkle.

Don’t forget – mini lights just aren’t for Christmas any more!!

Find your mini lights online all year at Christmas Light Source.

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