National Scavenger Hunt Day

May 22, 2017


If you’re looking for something a little different to do with the kids, how about planning a scavenger hunt? National Scavenger Hunt Day is on May 24, but this is a fun activity you can do all summer long.

How To Host Your Own:

Divide kids/adults into teams. A little competition is fun.

Have a written list of items or a map for the search.

Decide how the teams will prove they found each item. They can bring the item back in a basket, or take a photo of it.

Set a time limit.

Have prizes for the winning team.

Here’s a sample search list if you want to hold your scavenger hunt outdoors:

  • pinecone
  • piece of trash
  • flower
  • something that floats
  • something yellow
  • an item that starts with a “B”
  • piece of tree bark
  • a twig shaped like a “Y”
  • a leaf bigger than your hand
  • a rock shaped like a heart

Celebrate with ice cream or popsicles and don’t forget to add a few lights to make your event really shine!

Genny Holmes
When she is not writing about Christmas lights and celebrations, Genny is most likely to be found reading or attempting to create the world's best tasting cupcake. She loves drinking hot tea, walking on the beach, and playing piano in a band.

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