Our Lights in Action: Jan’s Rope Light Installation

August 10, 2018

Thanks to Jan for sharing this photo of her patio lighting project.

She’s chosen to swag her LED rope light around the edge of her backyard pergola.

The warm white color makes a warm and cozy oasis.

Get the look!

Choose your favorite white LED rope light – either warm or pure (a bright, icy color) – or choose incandescent rope light to light your pergola or gazebo.

All types of white rope light can be found here. Purchasing in spools of 150-feet like commercial designers saves time and money.

All spools come with hardware to allow you to create 3 separate string fo rope. Be sure to consult with the installation guidelines for the rope light you choose. Links are included on the individual spools. Be sure to note the distance of the “cut marks” which determines the minimum number of feet of rope that can be run with a power cord.

How do you light your patio?  Share in the comments below!

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