Spotted! Patio lights Used In Once Upon a Time Finale

June 12, 2014

Once Upon A Time


Did you happen to catch the final episode of Once Upon a Time?

I especially enjoyed the quiet moment shared by a couple of the main characters in a restaurant patio.  (I won’t say who. Like me, you may watch your TV a week, a month or two months after a show airs.)

As the camera panned back, you could see the romantic scene is lit from above with incandescent patio lights installed on cords with suspenders.

If you’d like to duplicate the look at the home you can install cords and bulbs on your backyard pergola.

No pergola? Sink 4×4 posts into any open area of your yard and run lights from corner to corner.  If your span is more than 8-10 feet, you’ll need to run support wire as well.

If you can’t find patio lights locally, check them out here.

Share where you’ve seen lights like these in the comments or send us your photos – we’d love to see how you are lighting your backyard for parties and your own romantic moments.

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