Replacement bulbs for metal letters

August 25, 2017

Metal signs with lights add a ton of character to any party or home decoration. One of our customers replaced the lights in the above rustic yard “Wine” sign using G30 white (clear or transparent) bulbs.  These round bulbs are just a little smaller than a ping pong ball and work really well in medium sized metal letters.

We also recommend the traditionally shaped C7 or C9 bulbs.  Choice of style and size is a matter of taste and the size and style of the letters.

Check the paperwork or any labels on your metal letter or keep in mind that an E12 socket is the same size as a standard night light.  A C9 bulb with an E17 base is just a little larger.

Round bulbs come in  G30, G40, G50  sizes.  See them in LED and incandescent.  (That would be a huge sign if you used a G50!).

Here’s a video to give you an idea of their relative dimensions:

If you’ve got a great metal sign with lights, share it with us.

We love to see your creativity!

4 thoughts on “Replacement bulbs for metal letters”

  1. That looks great! The idea was quite unique using letter metal letters with light can be the highlight of any party you are organizing. The most especial thing about that is you can make any kinds of letters you want and write anything whatever is suitable. Thanks a lot for providing this post!

    1. Check the bases of the bulbs that are currently installed – they could be E12, E17 or a “custom” diameter.

      You might start with a night light bulb to test for size.

      You can then choose a bulb with the correct base and then G30, G40, or G50 based on what diameter will work in your metal letter.

      Hope that helps!!

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