Sandblasting Wine Bottles

March 9, 2015


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I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to marry craft lights and wine bottles to create wonderful decorative lit objects to brighten up the home.

Today I wanted to feature sandblasting as a way to complement bottle and light selections in projects.

The folks at H and W Creations are making some of the most beautiful examples of sandblasted wine bottles that I’ve seen in the years I’ve been selling craft lights and they were the inspiration for this blog post.

Sandblasting – or the look of sandblasting – on wine bottles can be achieved in several different ways and based on skill level and how much time a crafter is willing to spend.

1. Use traditional sandblasting equipment 

This is a great choice if you already have sandblasting equipment for another use – say auto applications.  It’s messy and quite the investment if you only want to do a few bottles.

Here is a video outlining a larger project that can be translated to work on wine bottles or glass blocks.

2. Use an etching cream

This is a great solution if you just want to etch a small area of the bottle. Here is a video showcasing the use of Martha’s Stewart’s etching cream that can be purchased at a local craft store.

For most home crafters, this makes a better choice.

3. Use a spray-on “frosting spray

Rustoleum makes a good frosting spray and the video on this page gives step by step instructions on how to use their product on different glass containers.

Frosting spray can also be purchased at your local craft store.

After filling bottles with lights for a while, adding sandblasting or the look of sandblasting might be a wonderful new way to add a new level of artistry to future projects.

Or, like me you might just head to H and W Creations and order their fantastic work.

Here are a few more samples of their designs. You can also find there on facebook at HW Creations. Be sure to check out their feed!

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