Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Christmas Lights Season!

August 22, 2012

There are definitely some trends to watch in Christmas lighting this year.  Vendors in the United States are starting to receive their containers from manufacturers and you’re sure to see many of these items showing up soon.

1.  As always, growth in non-traditional Christmas light colors is growing.  Classy, traditional and fabulous, white lights will more than likely always hold the top spot when it comes to decorating for the Holidays but teal, pink and purple are all expanding their influence in the marketplace and in yards across America.  If lights colors had personality, these colors would be the edgier selections indicating a sense of adventure and desire to stand apart from the crowd!!

2.  Sales of craft lights are continuing to remain strong as people install them in everything from glass bricks to novelty liquor bottles!  Folks are drilling holes at the bottoms of their wine bottles and lighting them with all sorts of colors of lights.  To meet the need, there will be a wide variety of sets available with just one plug so that you don’t have to worry about that pesky female plug at the end of your set of mini lights.  Be on the lookout for sets that have extra long leads between the plugs and first light.

3.  For the first time, craft lights will be broadly available in LED format.  This is a great solution for crafters who don’t want to be affected by the heat emitted by traditional incandescent craft lights.  The LED lights are more expensive but for some applications, they are definitely worth it.

4.  A wider variety of LED bulbs will be available for the 2012-2013 season.  Now that C7 and C9 LED retrofit bulbs have shown themselves to be viable players in the marketplace, customers requesting larger round bulbs for use to decorate for parties and for their patios, are going to happy with LED G50 light bulbs with different sized bases for compatibility with different base cords.

5.  Animated LED icicles are back and the special effects falling light will be a thrill for kids and Christmas light enthusiasts everywhere.  They’ll be compatible with traditional C9 stringer wire and will come in 5 lengths ranging from 5 to 24 inches.

6.  There will be a wider variety of mini lights colors available on black wire.  Perfect for this new trend in sophisticated black Christmas trees and great for wrapping black columns.

7.  Customers will finally be able to mix and match LED bulbs in pre-wired sets as we roll out a line of LED sets that do not use the uni-body construction techniques of prior years.  This is a fun product that will allow you to have red, white and blue lights or lights to match your favorite sporting teams…. fun for parties and for the Holidays.

That’s just a sampling of what there is to look forward for the upcoming 2012 Christmas season.  Everything should be received and loaded online and ready for purchase at Christmas Light Source by September 1st!!

Best regards,

Shellie Gardner
Christmas Light Source
Christmas Lights


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