Stranger Things Lights for Your Halloween Party

October 19, 2017

If you’re planning a Halloween party and wondering what decor might light things up, you might already have what you need on hand to recreate the Stranger Things Lights.

The lights used in these shots are traditional, retro (of course!) glass C9 bulbs.

Photo courtesy of Stranger Things

Materials List

C9 Christmas light cords – You have these in your basement. Check them for wear and tear and repurpose them for Halloween.  Choose the length of your cord based on the size of your backdrop. Twelve-inch spacing is pretty standard should work fine.

C9 Multi Color Glass Bulbs – Traditional painted bulbs. Just like you remember from your childhood. These are steady burning – they don’t flash on and off.

C9 Multi Color Twinkle Bulbs – If you’d like to add a few flashing bulbs to your project, you’ll need a box of these twinkle lights to sprinkle around

Backdrop materials – try an old sheet or cardboard boxes to act as your backdrop

Black paint and paintbrush – for your creepy alphabet letters

Here is a scene from the show to act as inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Stranger Things

Keep in mind as you drape your lights across your hallway or install them across a backdrop that you can’t exceed 80% of the max capacity of your breaker. In layman’s terms, don’t run more than 200 bulbs on a single outlet/breaker.  Note, different outlets can be connected to a single breaker so just switching to a new plug doesn’t work your way around this issue.

Don’t run more than 2 of the 25-foot cords in series and don’t run more than 250 feet of 18 AWG wire in series.

We’d love to see how much fun you have with this idea this season!!

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