Cords and Bulbs for Summer Lights

June 20, 2018

Decorating the patio for summer couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s lighting the 4th of July or having friends over on a Saturday night for burgers and beverages, your party lights will turn a fun gathering into a fantastic one.


  • Christmas Light Cord – Choose either C7 or C9 or repurpose the cord stored for Christmas
  • Round Frosted G30 Glass Bulbs – we used G30 for our project in red, white, and blue but G40 or G50 satin bulbs are also great choices based on the size of your patio or project.

Wondering what size G30’s are related to G50’s and G40s.  This blog addresses that subject.

G30 G40 G50 Round Bulbs – What are their sizes and what does that look like?

Tips for Installation

We love an easy project and installing bulbs is easy and frustration-free if you simply give the bulb a reverse quarter-turn before you spin the bulbs into their sockets clockwise. This simple trick helps prevent cross-threading.

Three times the bulbs, three times the fun

Installing all blue in a single white cord then all red and all white in their own straight-run cords is a bold move.  Installed in a linear trio, these cords make an impact.

We’ve created this project for summer using a patriotic red, white and blue combination. Imagine wedding colors, red/green/white for Christmas or yellow/purple/green for Halloween. One Christmas light cord for all seasons.

Let us know if you try this project, the colors that you chose, and how you use your Christmas light cords all year. We’d love to see a photo! Add one to your comment below.

Shellie Gardner
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