The Difference between C7/C9 Bulbs and Cords and C7/C9 Plug and Play String Lights

November 22, 2021
Shellie at Christmas Light Source
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There are two ways to go when it comes to C7 and C9 Christmas lighting. The choices include C7 and C9 threaded bulbs that are installed in 18 AWG traditional commercial Christmas cords. This classic look is a favorite for outlining rooflines and walkways during the holidays. This type of light string can be run a maximum of 250 feed regardless of the bulb used. Planning for splitters and extension cords is definitely a part of the display design for this type of classic light set. The advantage is that individual C7 or C9 bulbs are generally brighter than their plug and play counterparts. The bulbs and cords can also be replaced. The biggest drawback to this approach is the investment required to purchase the materials.

A second choice is ultra-low current plug and play LED String lights whose bulbs cannot be removed and are manufactured with a 22 AWG wiring harness. This type of light set can be run 100's of feet in series plugged into a single outlet. These are THE lights to use for large trees where 100's of feet of lights are required - think of those massive LED light displays. For low current light sets, sealing the base resists water and corrosion.

Hopefully, this helps answer this question.

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