The Magic of Battery Operated Lights

September 11, 2010

Battery operated Christmas lights can bring a fun and festive (dare we say magical) look to all of your holiday decorations, but can be used for so much more throughout the year.

These light sets are self-contained, making them ideal for several smaller applications. The battery packs are lightweight, even after inserting batteries, so they can be carried on your person or used for a static project that will be used to decorate your home or special event.

You’ll love these ideas for using our battery operated Christmas light sets. Once you’ve used them, you’ll find that you look for reasons to use them for every occasion (including every day uses).

  1. Table centerpieces – inside or outside of your container, wind one or a few lightstrings around the flower stems, or nestled in the bottom of the vase with glass beads – the lights will be the hit of the party
  2. Bicycles – add a few light strings to outline the bicycle or nestle inside the basket for evening parades or just for nighttime fun while riding in the neighborhood
  3. Hats – nestle the battery pack inside the brim and the lights will be noticed
  4. Halloween costumes – our battery operated mini lights in white are perfect for adding even more sparkle to a costume such as a princess, queen, fairy, or angel (let your imagination wander – there are bound to be more!)
  5. RV’s/Tents/Campsites – what is more festive than a summer evening lit up with
    twinkling lights? Campgrounds are wonderful locations for using our battery operated lights given that many times the availability of electric outlets is limited.
    Outfit each camp chair with lights, wind them around the legs and outline of the picnic table, around tent poles, RV awnings, and more
  6. Weddings – inside glass bricks, glass vases, surrounding an ice sculpture,
    adorning a trellis, on the cake/punch table/gift table, topiaries
  7. Floats – what better way to add pizzazz to your moving float? Battery packs are
    easily camouflaged in the float so you’ll just see lights, lights, lights, especially
    during the evening hours.
  8. Boats – great for lighting up smaller areas or focal points
  9. Romantic lighting – incorporate one or several sets of our battery operated white light strings to bring soft lighting into the master bedroom – surrounding candles, outlining a mirror, or even wrapped around the headboard.
  10. Christmas wreaths and every day wreaths – don’t worry about not having an
    electrical outlet or dealing with unsightly wires running down the door or wall –
    use our battery operated light sets for all your wreath lighting needs.
  11. Fireplace mantel – fantastic for illuminating the Christmas stockings or simply
    decorating the every day mantel and watching the points of light reflect off of the
    mirror hung above the mantel.

Battery operated lights are fun and add magic and sparkle to parties and home decorating. You have to love anything that doesn’t involve painting and post-project clean up. So check out your local craft store or find the widest variety of these great lights online all year.

Shellie Gardner
Owner of Christmas Light Source – where you can find traditional incandescent and the latest in LED battery operated mini lights with green, white, black, brown and red wire colors all year long

Shellie Gardner
Aside from throwing dinner parties that feature at least two kinds of cheese dip, Shellie's passions include travel, Mid-Century Modern furnishings and finding the perfect street taco. Has been known to snort laugh champagne.

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