Tree Clips are Great for Hanging Ornaments!

June 8, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself:

Is there a better way to hang a large, heavy ornament on my tree?

I had a customer call looking for tree clips and she had such a great idea for them that I had to pass along her hot tip!

Tree clips are normally used to secure Christmas lights to tree branches – especially to live trees that you don’t want to damage when you remove the lights. Or when you use LED lights and don’t want to damage the lights when you take them down. You just give them a little twist and you get a secure hold. They keep you from having to use wire ties that are hard to remove – often requiring clippers that dig into the tree and can cut light wires.




Well, back to my customer with the innovative solution. She was finding that her really heavy ornaments were just sliding off her Christmas tree limbs. When she saw the tree clips online, she thought that might be just the thing to solve her problem. And they were! Just a simple twist and her heavier ornaments didn’t fall off the tree – she said it was nice to not have to worry about her cat knocking the ornaments off, as well.

Naturally, not all ornaments will fit over the little ball on the end of the clip but for large or heavy balls and figurines, they work great.

I have some kid-made Christmas tree decorations that are heavier than your garden-variety glass balls and I love them. This solution will be a great alternative this year to twist ties.

I’ve been working with these clips for 5 years and now, in addition to the best available way to attach light sets to trees, now they have a second great function as ornament hangers!

Hope this tip helps as you think forward to the upcoming Christmas Season. I love my customers and I really enjoy it when they find innovative uses for products!

Best regards,

Shellie Gardner
Christmas Light Source
Tree Clips

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