What vintage style lights are available?

June 19, 2017

Whether it’s the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, retro is all the rage in fashion, home decor and lights!

Millenials want to create a cool vintage vibe to match their mod-inspired IKEA hacks and folks who have a few more Holiday Seasons under their belts just want to stick with what they’ve loved for years.

Here are your best choices to go retro this season:

Edison Bulbs

We love these bulbs in every shape. With just a bare touch of amber in the glass, Edison bulbs work in this modern plumbing light fixture as nicely as they work as replacement bulbs in 20’s and 1920’s-style fixtures. I love that come in shapes from traditional “transistor” style with the cool dip on the end of the bulb to lovely oversized oval.


Painted glass (opaque) C7 or C9 bulbs

Yes, those large Christmas light bulbs made of glass that get warm to the touch painted in cool colors that look like they should be in a 1950’s movie still exist and are fun to use all year.

This photo shows a quick mantle project but you can see how easily a slight change in decor and bulb color would translate easily to all-year lighting.

These painted bulbs come in C7 and C9 sizes. That’s 1/2 an inch an about 1.5 inches long, respectively.

See the difference in size in this video:


You can see all of the painted, transparent and twinkle C7 and C9 lights and the cords you’ll need to purchase to go with there here.

Shellie Gardner
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