Wedding Centerpieces: Bringing the Beach

March 29, 2018


We love the current Beach-Wedding trend and enjoying bringing a little bit if the Islands to centerpieces both for receptions and our own dining rooms.

Enjoy this simple to assemble project from items you already have or can easily pick up. This tablescape is perfect for Weddings, Celebrations, and Seasonal decor.

We created this tablescape with items from our vacations, local craft stores, and 2 sets of our White Battery Fairy Lights.


Battery lights

These fairy battery lights are a favorite because they have a long battery life (over 125 hours with fresh batteries). This set’s small wiring allows it to blend into the decor.



Coral from a recent vacation (shown on right) or purchased from craft store.


Cake plate

A cake plate or a pedestal of some type would work well.


Sea glass

Colored Sea Glass from the local discount store or if you are fortunate enough to find some at the beach.


Found objects

Seashells and driftwood this pretty are hard to find out in nature, but a quick run to the store has this coming together.




Pretty succulents either faux or fresh round out our centerpiece. We like this one for the container and the size.




The finished project.

For a wedding, add a clip in the middle to hold a table number or pictures of the bride and groom.


Set out on the table this really becomes a showstopper.

Share with us your beach centerpieces.

We would love to feature you in our social media, newsletter, and in our store.  #christmaslightsource #beachwedding

Christmas Light Source Design Team
We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to make all of life's occasions brighter. Always ready with lighting tips, tricks, and easy projects. Join us often as we bring projects from our design lab, share customer projects, and look forward to Christmas all year long.

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