What do wide angle LED Christmas lights look like?

October 8, 2013
wide angle lights
multi wide-angle LED lights

There are so many shapes of LED Christmas lights that we’ve decided to roll out a series of videos showing customers their size and shape.  When it works, we’re going to visually show them next traditional incandescent mini lights for reference.

We’ve just rolled out the first video.  It features the wide angle LED style.  This shape is also known as conical and 5mm. Because of it’s clean, modern look, it’s one of the most popular shapes of LED lenses.

These lights are commonly used in these types of applications:

  • Large-scale LED installations (you know, the ones where cars pass by and the news crews show up)
  • Downtown installations
  • Christmas trees
  • Highlighting gardens and decks
  • Wrapping trees
  • Wedding Receptions

Aside from the fact this LED lens shape throws a considerable amount of lights, it’s availability as light strings, craft, battery and 12 volt lights, let’s you unify your decorating scheme.

Just pick a color and go!


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