White lights bring a snowman back to life!

November 5, 2015

Photo of a lit snowman

We just received this photo from one of our customers.  His snowman was looking sad and dim. A few strings of Christmas tree lights with built-in clips brought this smiling guy back to life!

The picture made me happy in the middle of our busiest time of year and it’s an inspiring project. I just had to stop in between the phone calls and share.

Here are Dave’s comments:

Hi Shellie – I have received the replacement string and all is well. The snowman will make his debut to the outside world around Thanksgiving day, giving everyone a cheery smile. Thanks to you folks, he has been revived for many more holidays to come.

Enclosed is my photo, in my new clothes, all bright and sparkly as you can see.

Thanks again for your patience and wonderful help. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving day.

Dave R. (November 5th, 2015)

For a project like this you’ll can go one of two ways with your repair:

  1.  Purchase lights with built-in clips.  This works great if your frame is 3/16″ in diameter.  make sure you know the size of your frame by tightening down an adjustable wrench and measuring the gap.  You can find mini lights with clips here.
  2. If you can’t find the exact color of lights with built in clips, your alternative is to purchase standard incandescent mini lights, like these, and combine them with these sculpture clips.

These solutions are much quicker and easier than zip-tying the lights in place and will position the bulbs to be along the frame instead of at a 90 degree angle.

Do you have a story about restoring a favorite piece of yard sculpture?  Share your stories here!!

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