Wide Angle LED Christmas Lights

November 8, 2008

It’s great how LED Christmas lights come in all sorts of different shapes and colors. Large jobs – outlining walkways and yards – call for larger C7 and C9 style bulbs. Smaller jobs – lighting garland, wreaths, centerpieces, Christmas trees!! — let you choose between a huge array of smaller LED shapes.

I have been recently playing with wide angle LED Christmas lights and I like the way the small flat LED covers can be hidden into greenery and the angle of light diffusion seems to be very even – a nice pinpoint of light.

In the picture above, I’ve “hidden” some of the pure white lights in some sheer silver organza. I’m thinking of using this as a table edge for an upcoming party – or stuffing this into a glass brick for some Christmas decorations (fake present glass brick project!!).

I like the razzberry, strawberry and mini ice shapes of led mini lights for decorating – they all look good in a ton of applications – especially during the Holidays. But having access to the simple neutral lines of these particular light sets – I think I’m going to have fun experimenting with them!!

Shellie Gardner
Christmas Lights

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